Legacy Art

Responding to a strange new invention  by Louis Daguerre that had captivated all of Europe, Claude Monet announced that he  would “capture an image the camera cannot,” and Impressionism was born.

The world of art has not been the same since.

Like Monet, Bluemlein sees a world  that is not readily apparent to others and he faithfully paints what he sees. Light feels soft like a blanket in Bluemlein’s world and colors glimmer as though lit from within.

One suspects music in that world would shimmer with notes and tones that simply aren’t available here. One first looks at a Bluemlein, one looks into it, then a hesitant step is taken.

We feel the air, the light, the mist in that place,  an escape is made, a brief vacation begun, from which we may never fully return.

Come. It’s time for a break.  We will go to Bluemlein’s world.